World Mental Health Day: 5 Signs of Suicidal Tendencies

In commemorating this year ‘World Mental Health Day’ holding on Saturday, October 10. This article suggests few signs of suicidal tendencies you need to know in order to save your loved ones having suicidal thoughts from committing suicide.

Studies have it that, suicide doesn’t come abruptly. As people with suicidal tendencies display some signs prior to committing suicide, and often displayed as way of seeking help before making the move. Hence, it is ideal for you to be observant and able to interpret the signs so as to save their lives.

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Self-destructive Behaviour.

This clearly shows how bad they needed death. People with suicidal thoughts are found of taking unnecessary risks as self-harm such as reckless driving, doing the weird and scariest, as well as drug abuse.

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Self-absorbed with death.

Like having interest in any discussion on death, writing or reading poems on tragic incidents.


As they battle with their lives, people with suicidal thoughts show some feelings of unworthiness i.e. they hate everything about themselves, and thereby undermining themselves with thoughts of inferiority. They sometime utter the statement ‘I don’t deserve to live.’ 

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Sudden calm.

Ever seen a person known to have been depressed for some time suddenly showing sense of calm? Then, depression has degenerated to another but dangerous state. It could mean that such fellow has made up his mind to seek further no help, but, to commit suicide.

Getting things in order.

As if they foresight death. Someone whose depression has gotten to the stage of seeking death is always found of making some heartbreaking arrangements. Such as writing of wills, sharing personal belongings and as well as saying goodbye even at the odd times.

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