Dissolving Ego: 9 Signs Your Ego Is Starting to Dissolve

When it comes to ego dissolving, no one is prepared for it, and no one even knows how is going to be like. Some people experience radical transformations that take place in an instant where they feel an intense shift in their conscious awareness while others experience it little by little over some time. But these are some of the signs that will tell you that you are experiencing ego dissolution.

With dissolving ego, you have new perceptions:

The ego to a very large extent controls your perception and makes you judge things the way you do, so once you see yourself beginning to see
things differently from angles you never viewed from before then you know that your ego is beginning to diminish. With the knowledge of this in mind helps you to know that being able to take another persons’ idea or see things the way another person does requires that you make the decision that you are happy to take someone’s lead on that particular issue.

The ability of you being able to understand the perception of another person in any situation makes it believable that you have control over your ego and this is a sign that you can be able to detach yourself from your ego.

Going close to people:

Some people in the world see themselves so high above other people, they do not see themselves as in the same level with others, all this is thanks
to their egos. If you were such a person and suddenly you start seeing yourself getting closer to people, this is for sure a sign that your ego is dissolving. However, this does not come naturally, you have to work towards achieving it and I bet you, it is never easy but with time, you can always succeed only if you faint not.

When ego dissolves,strong moral judgments are being replaced by acceptance:

People that still exist in the ego have a very serious issue concerning what they think is right and what is wrong, they always want to prove a point in whatever they are doing, they always want others to know that they are right and they will do anything to make sure that the point is proven.
This is so because the ego is the judger.

But as the ego dissolves, you begin to feel less concerned about who is right and who is wrong, you become less concerned about how other people live their lives whether it is right or wrong. You realize then that everyone is doing the best they can for their survival.

Dissolving Ego brings feelings of one-ness:

When you begin to experience ego dissociation, you begin to see everyone as the same, the time when you looked at some people with dismay or disapproval is no more, now all you see is everyone being the same and unique in their different ways. You see people are the same that no one is greater or better than the other. You come to terms with the fact that we are all one.

The ego has always been the one controlling your emotions when you saw people differently and how some people were better than others. But now, that is no more.

Your way of observation becomes keen:

This is another way to know that your ego is truly dissolving. It can also be referred to as being self-aware. This is the ability for you to take cognizance of your mind and what it does this might sound very simple but in reality, it is not simple but it can be achieved through meditation which is the simplest way that it can be achieved. There are other ways in which this can also be achieved but in all, it requires constant practice.

When you practice this mindfulness, you see that you can control some negative thought patterns that come into you especially when you are a relaxed state, sometimes you remember issues you had with someone
and how you would have responded to them but as you continue to practice your meditation, you see that you begin to gain control over those thoughts and begin to let go of past things. When you do this, you might not have won the argument but definitely, you are at peace with yourself. Being able to observe your ego makes it difficult for your ego to control your emotions because you can always conquer it.

You begin to experience some mild out of body experience:

People feel it is not possible to dissolve the ego to the barest minimum but truthfully, you can dissolve your ego to the point where you do not feel like you are in your body. You experience some hallucinations that might make you feel so many things and even question somethings that happen in your life and also some things that you see around you. when you can dissolve your ego to this point, you can control your emotions perfectly because you
find it difficult to get hurt from the things that happen to you in life thus making it possible for you to easily get up and start all over again when the going gets wrong.

I think that ego dissolution exists on a spectrum and you are getting to the latter end of it now. It might be that it is your ego which allows you to feel your fingers and as if you are in the world and when you have it dissolved enough you start to not feel in your body anymore.

The strive to be a “somebody” falls away:

When your ego begins to dissolve, you suddenly realize that you have been spending most of your life trying to prove yourself to the world, trying to make the world believe you, trying to receive validation for an image that is based on nothing, whereas you should have been spending that time trying to be the person you ought to be.

The tendency to compare yourself with another person begins to go down, you now begin to enjoy what it feels like to be liberated. You begin to see yourself through the eyes of an ever-changing point of perspective reacting to every moment as they come.

You begin to experience replication experiences:

When the ego is being dissolved enough, you begin to experience what is called simulation experiences, that is, glimpsing under reality. It is believed that the souls of man are in a sort of simulation and normally come to reality.

The ego is what is required to direct in this particular reality and that this reality is, in fact, a place where some souls come to level up and that part and parcel of being here is that we have an ego. To this end, the ego is very important but even with that, it can be dissolved for some time.

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Synchronicity Events:

At some point in your life, you may notice that everything seems to be following a particular patter, it is like everything you come in contact
with are somehow related to each other, this is called synchronicity of events and this comes as a result of the fact that you have started experiencing ego dissociation.
It is believed that this synchronicity of events are signals of the simulation, thus the ability for you to see the patterns and be able to understand them.

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