How Cashew Nuts Help Fight Depression and Anxiety

It’s known to all that several plants/foods helps us live healthy, but it is very incredible to note that some plants do well for our mental health by helping fight stress and depression. – cashews antidepressant

A study claims that five servings of beans, a few portions of cheese or peanut butter, or just one big handful of cashew nuts provides one to two thousand milligrams of tryptophan, working perfectly as other antidepressants.

Cashews For Depression

Cashew nuts which isn’t just a delicious meal, but contain little fraction of iron, magnesium, Vitamin B6, protein and important amino acids, and even omega 3 fats; have been noted as a plant that helps our mental health i.e. helps your brain reduce anxiety and depression.

David Adams FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy, at the Drug Information Association Annual Meeting, July 12, 1993.”]Pay careful attention to what is happening with dietary supplements in the legislative arena… If these efforts are successful, there could be created a class of products to compete with approved drugs. The establishment of a separate regulatory category for supplements could undercut exclusivity rights enjoyed by the holders of approved drug applications.

Several nutrients that are present in cashew nuts that help ward off depression as antidepressant include:

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  • The amino acid ‘trytophan’ which help improves the uptake of serotonin in the brain.
  • Cashew nuts also contain magnesium which helps fights low blood sugar that can contribute to anxiety.
  • Research says cashew nuts are one of the best sources of mono-unsaturated fats that help keep your brain healthy to ward off depression naturally.

According to a study carried out by Dr. Andrew Saul, a therapeutic nutritionist, several handfuls of cashew nuts provide 1,000 – 2,000 milligrams of tryptophan – this is a common ingredient found in prescription anti depressants.

He added that when consumed, the body turns the ingredient into serotonin, which help stimulates happiness and healthy sleep. – cashews for depression

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