6 Signs You’ll Experience When Your Mental Health Is Falling Apart

Today in the world, mental health cases are very common everywhere, this is because of increased anxiety in the lives of people, everybody wants to make it in life by all means and when this does not work positively in their favour, they begin to lose focus and most mental cases start there. In 1992, the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) chose October 10 to be “World Mental Health Day”. Now, this day is celebrated by over 150 countries around the globe for over 28 years yet, the cases of mental health
have quickly become one of the most pressing social issues of our time.

Despite all these advocacies and events to teach people about taking care of their mental wellbeing, a lot of people both young and old do not even care about their mental health. Some people do not even know what the warning signs are, some of them experience these signs daily but they do not know what to do about it, well, this article is here to guide you and make you know these warning signs that your mental health is at risk.

Here are 6 signs that your mental health is falling apart.

You find it difficult to sleep or even eat:

Been unable to sleep regularly or eat normally is a serious sign that something is seriously going wrong somewhere. Sometimes it can come in the form of doing them in excess, that is, you oversleep or overeat.

When you do not get the deserved amount of rest needed by your body, you find it very difficult to concentrate during the day and this leads to an unproductive lifestyle and leaves you more irritable, anxious and looking pale. Also, not getting the required diet or food your body needs can lead you to be less energetic and more easily attacked by diseases. Thinking about this alone can also lead you to depression.

When Your Mental Health Falls Apart You Will Experience Unstable moods:

This is yet another sign that your mental health is going down, you notice yourself constantly having mood swings, you easily get angry and even things that used to amuse you before no longer appeal you. You feel easily irritated with people or things happening around you. This can sometimes come as a result of overstressing yourself or due to overthinking.

When you don’t take good care of your health or emotional needs, it makes it difficult for your brain to function effectively and because of this, you start feeling unmotivated, downcast. In severe cases, it can lead to panic attacks. When you start noticing these kind of traits in you, you don’t have to wait for anyone to tell you that you need a break urgently. A break from everything you are doing that is stressing you out. Take time out and attend to your mind because it is seriously crying out for help before things get blown out of proportion.

Nothing thrills you anymore:

As a person, there are things that we normally do during our pleasure times and once those things that you used to enjoy joy start becoming boring to you, they no more give you the joy they used to. Even hanging out with friends and family becomes an issue. You no longer feel connected to them all you want to do is stay alone.

You may eventually become emotionally numb even though you were an outgoing type of person. when this happens, it means you need to take care of your mental health -better because isolating yourself from people will only aggravate the situation leaving you with a lot of emptiness, loneliness and depression can set in.

This is a critical sign that you need to start taking better care of yourself, mentally. Isolating yourself from others can make it harder for them to help you, so you need to do your best to help yourself. If not, you may experience chronic feelings of loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness, which will make it harder for you to improve your mental health.

When Mental Health Falls,You feel downcast most times:

This is a very serious issue that you should not take lightly because that feeling is the very beginning of the depression. How do you know this, if you see yourself losing motivation in doing things, you easily lose interest in things, you always feel exhausted and tired, nothing gives you pleasure anymore, even the things that once were your favourite, all you want to do is sit all by yourself then you know it is time to seek help for your mental health.

You lose concentration a lot and easily:

If you are beginning to have difficulty in concentrating very well and maintaining your focus, you hardly finish tasks that are assigned to you no matter how simple that task is, then it is clear that you are not taking good care of your mental wellbeing and therefore it needs urgent attention.

Once you start forgetting things very easily, find it hard to recall things, give solutions and analyze problems or you even find yourself soliloquizing then you know there is a serious cause for alarm, you are passing through mental exhaustion and you need to seek help as fast as possible.

Loss of Hope:

It is said that so far as there is life, there is hope so this should always be the reason for you to always believe that there is hope for tomorrow, but
when you find yourself losing faith in that same hope maybe because things are not working the way you expected them to work out, the love of your life just left you so you feel there is nothing to live for, you start considering thoughts of suicide and excessive drug abuse, you just have to pause and realize that your mental health is in danger, work on it and never stop believing because so far as there is life, there is hope.

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