Share Your Story

by Moses Chukwu

Thank you so much for choosing to share your story.

PsychologyandI readers want to hear your story. What experience have you had with Mental Health and Psychology as a whole? You probably might have read some stories submitted on this site by readers who wanted to tell their stories. With the aim of further creating awareness of mental health, as well as clearing the doubts often associated with it.

Our reason for existence is to continually show you how it really feels to suffer from depression, bipolar and other mental illness. Here comes your part in the course to eradicate stigma and various misconceptions surrounding mental illness.
A platform is hereby provided for you to share your stories and to meet others passing through same ordeal, how they live beyond stigma and shame; just to let you know you are not alone.

Do you, family or friends have any disorder you would like to share what it feels with us? How have you been dealing with mental health and therapy? Please do share! You can save a life today.


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