8 Signs That Make You A Creepy Friend

It is much easier to notice a creepy friend, but it is difficult to see when you are a creepy friend in the relationship. This is so because creepiness can usually be easily masked by kindness or bathed in good intentions, but as time goes on, you begin to give off odd vibes or make your friend uncomfortable.

This article is aimed at showcasing some signs that can help you realize that you are the creepy friend as that will be able to help you change your ways. Below are eight signs that you are a creepy friend.

You share the secrets of your friend with others:

Being friends with someone means sharing a lot of things with them, and most times, that includes secrets. While your friend feels comfortable sharing what is on their mind, it indeed happens that sometimes you say too much, especially when you are blurting out things in public that your
friend might not want people to know.

You do it with such ease, a funny thing you might not even realize that you have said beyond what you are supposed to say because you are carried away by what you are talking about. You only get to know yourself when your friend suddenly gets angry at you for letting out a secret they told you in confidence.

You always crowd your friend’s personal space:

No matter the level of friendship, people like to have some quiet private time for them. If, as a person, you find that you always want to be in the company of your friend, you still want to hold hands while walking on the road or have an arm draped across their shoulder, and you might just be
invading their personal space.

Some friends might not open up to let you know this, but you can notice that they are not happy with their reactions.

You take over your friends’ social media:

Most friends are so into themselves that they go as far as sharing their social media accounts and passwords. If you are at this level of friendship, I believe it feels good at the beginning. Still, if you begin to notice yourself becoming too motivated to check in on your friend, to see what they post
and who they chat with, and stalk their habits on social media, that means you have gone beyond the very essence of the original plan.

That makes you the creepy friend because you might think you are doing your friend a favor, not knowing that you are taking undue advantage over them.

You refuse to go out without them:

People who do this feel that they are true to their friends. They think that their actions show how much they love and enjoy the company of their friend, but little do they know that they are creepy. Even though you might be friends with someone, the personalities are different, there are times when your friend might not feel like going out, and because you want to be a good friend, you refuse to go out too.

You never can tell why they do not want to go out, it could be that they need a little space for themselves, but you have refused to let them have that.

You take photos without their knowledge:

This is another sign that you are a creepy friend that you might not be aware of. Some people do not like their pictures to be taken randomly, but they might not say anything to you because of the friendship ties you might have. But, their emotions and actions speak louder than their words would do.
Sometimes you go as far as posting such pictures on social media without their consent. As I said, they might not say anything, but you are a creepy friend because you do not respect boundaries.

You are super secretive about everything:

As I said earlier, friends share so much with each other, but if you see that you live a life that seems super secretive and shifty, it can certainly be off-putting. If you know that you find it difficult to share things with your friend no matter what they share with you especially things that are bothering you, that means you do not understand the true meaning of friendship, and that makes you creepy because you do not trust your friend with your secrets while they trust you theirs.

Sometimes, you might have nothing to hide, but the way you act with your friend can also make you seem creepy such as getting upset if you see your
social media posts.

You make yourself too comfortable in their Apartment:

Yes, you are friends, and you have the right to be comfortable in their apartment, but being too comfortable becomes a problem. They might not say anything, but no one is happy seeing someone else rummaging through their properties or sneaking around the apartment, no one is happy when all you do is come and eat all their food without asking first.

So, if you see yourself doing these things, it is a clear picture that you are a creepy friend, and you have got to stop.

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You are too honest with them:

Everyone knows that honesty is essential in every relationship, but when reliability becomes too much, it is no better. You might be wondering what I mean by being too honest, I mean, you doing or saying everything the way you feel your friend wants it and not the way it actually should be.

You tell your friend mean things in ways that they are confused if you are mean or just clueless or creepy. You do things that get them confused about who you really are or what you truly mean. If you do this, then you are a creepy friend.

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