5 Misconceptions about Mental Illness

Huge percentage of people living with Mental illness, not minding how common it is, are being discriminated in almost every settings of life. You need to spend some time with them, if only you could be in their shoe just to feel their pain, and why the need to pledge to end mental health stigma.

Mental illness is often misunderstood by many. People frame up so many myths and misconceptions, which have unfortunately helped discourage bearers from voicing out their trauma. More also, suicide and severe depression are all products of mental illness misconceptions and stigma.

I have gathered some misconceptions about mental illness, which I feel would be very useful in helping the world at large get rid of mental illness.

Mentally Ill people are unpredictable and dangerous.

Generally, people with mental illness are usually portray as being unpredictable and dangerous. Thanks to a Cornell University research which clearly found out that no evidence exist to support such statements. But that, majority of mentally ill people are neither dangerous nor violent.

Mental illness sufferer lack intelligence.

Intelligence has nothing to do with mental illnesses or brain disorders. On one hand, many people with mental disorders are brilliant, creative, productive people. On the other hand, some people with mental disorders are not brilliant or creative. Certain mental illnesses may make it difficult for people to remember facts or get along with other people, making it seem like they are cognitively challenged.  – mendthemind.

Overall, the level of intelligence among people with mental illness likely parallels the patterns seen in any healthy population.

Children don’t suffer from mental health problems.

This doesn’t help at all. Mental illness which could have been detected and treated at the early stage are often left unattended to. Mental illness is common among the young people as it is being noted among the adults. Read 5 Common Mental Health Disorders in Children.

Person with mental illness can never be normal.

People with mental illnesses can, and do, recover to resume normal activities. For example, Jane Pauly, who has bipolar disorder, has received treatment and hosted her own television show in addition to leading an enriched and accomplished life – lmch.org. Several researchers say,  majority of people with mental illnesses, with treatment, are achieving genuine improvement in their symptoms over time.

Mental illness is a single disorder.

This isn’t true. Mental illnesses are many with different categories, such as mood disorders, personality disorders e.t.c. Each has it’s own unique causes, features and ways of treatment.


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