7 Habits That Leave You Exhausted And How To Stop Them.


Exhaustion is a state of extreme tiredness and weakness with low energy. It is normal to get exhausted, especially after strenuous work, the good thing is, you can get back after a series of rest.

However, when you always feel tired even after taking rests, you need to be concerned. If you find yourself in this shoe but wonder why you feel so, here is the simple reason, input = output. That means whatever you do or take into your body will show in the way you act.

A lot of people engage in certain habits though seemingly subtle, over time leaves them exhausted and stressed out. 
Let me analyze some of these habits that leave you exhausted and, more importantly, ways on how to stop them.

Restricted Eating:

The body is a machine, and food serves as it fuel. When there is insufficient fuel, the body’s performance reduces. Restrictive diets involve eating for only a specific time. If you are on a restrictive diet, don’t be surprised when you feel exhausted. The brain uses about 30% of the total body’s glucose, and when glucose concentration begins to drop, you notice immediate weakness and tiredness. You may need to increase your time of eating to take in more energy-rich food or take healthy snacks frequently you go to make up for the energy.

You don’t often exercise:

Regular exercise helps the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, and it is essential for general well-being. Exercise releases endorphins that boost moods and makes you feel energized and active. Those who exercise regularly are usually more active and agile.

However, sedentary lifestyles tend to make one slow and sluggish because the muscles are relaxed, and there is no activity to charge up the body. Imagine starting up an engine in cold weather. You notice how it is always difficult to start.

I experience this a lot. when I don’t exercise, I become lazy and feel tired even when I haven’t done anything strenuous I could even sleep off for the whole day. If you don’t exercise regularly or don’t exercise at all, you need to start up again so you could feel boosted and energized. Trust me, it would feel like a whole new you.

When you regularly miss sleep:

Sleep is the body’s way to tune off from major activities and recharge back. Sleep is very vital, and if constantly miss sleep, then be ready to start showing exhaustion. Many persons overwhelmed with busy schedules don’t get the required hours recommended for sleep, which is 7 to 8 hours. Sometimes, they take short naps of about 1 to 2 to hours and expect to be active and alert as normal.

You may get an energy boost, but that will be insufficient to keep you going for the full day. Constantly missing sleep or having little time of rest overtime builds exhaustion and tiredness. It also leads to body aches and weakness. Are you of the habit of always-on social media for hours or working late? Well, now is the time to change that.

Prioritize your rest by setting up specific times in the day for quality rest. Have a warm bath at night to put you in a good mood, so doze off easily. You could also listen to soft music or read something light and breezy like magazines or comics. All these will aid you to sleep easily and reboot and energize your system back.

You skip your multivitamins:

Vitamins and minerals are super essential for proper body functioning such as transport of materials, production of hormones, repair of body
tissues. Sometimes, you may not get all you need from meals, that is why taking routine drugs which contain the daily required amount of vitamins and mineral is necessary.

Iron is essential in blood formation, and blood is the body’s lifeline, that carries oxygen around the body. Oxygen breaks down food to give energy. Low iron level always shows signs of weakness, paleness, and tiredness. Vitamin B complex vitamin B1 to B12 plays useful roles in energy level, brain function, and cell metabolism. They help in building the body’s energy level.

The deficiency of this vitamin has an overall impact on the body, causing weakness and exhaustion. Make a habit of taking routine drugs, eat green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits to increase the iron level, also take oily fish, Turkey, and brown rice to boost energy and provide B-complex to the body.

You will feel exhausted regularly;

When you have the habit of spending a long time on electronics: if you are always having the habit of spending time with your electronic devices like your tablet, phones, or computers, you will feel exhausted. Spending time on the screen drains energy a lot.

After spending a few hours on screen, you begin to feel headaches back and neck aches, blurry vision, and tiredness, right? Working on-screen though surprisingly, does not involve physical labor drains energy because it involves a lot of mental work, and mental work involves brain work.

The brain uses a lot of energy, that is why we tend to feel stressed after several hours. Electronic light also limits sleeping patterns during the night, reduces sleep, and causes stressful sleep. It is best to limit the time spent on the screen. Always give breaks if you have to spend extended hours, have protective shields and eye guides, reduce eye strain, and take rest whenever you feel tired.

Perfectionist attitudes:

You can never be 100% perfect no matter how hard you try, so the earlier you realize this, the better. If you are a perfectionist and want everything done 100%, you may have to adjust, because you are simply setting an unrealistic goal that you will never achieve and will lead to disappointment, pressure, tension, and stress.

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You need to know that everything will not fall into place just once. you need to know that you are human and are bound to make some mistakes. you need to accept the measures of success you have achieved and work further to achieve more. perfectionist attitudes most times always lead to competition, strife, and negative attitudes, and over time, all this leads to stress/exhaustion. A change mind-set is much needed if you have this habit.

You are people pleaser:

People-pleaser over commit much to their detriment. They find it hard to say no, and it ends up in exhaustion because they take more than they
can handle. In a bid to keep up, they end up stretching themselves too thin and, if not careful, may break down.

If you constantly over-commit, especially to please people, set up schedules and do what you can conveniently handle while still finding time to rest. Remember, no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone, so break this habit now and start doing this that suits you.

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