7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Before a person is born, guardian angels have been assigned to the person, their major duty is to serve the person and be at his or her beck and call at every time. They belong to the person they are attached to exclusively, and only one job description which is to take care of the person they are attached to.

They are like mothers to us on earth and they provide us with everything we need to be happy in life, they also guide our every move and bring us to opportunities and people we meet in our lives daily.

If you bond very well with your guardian angel, you will get to know more interesting facts about them. Nonetheless, in this article, we will explain some interesting facts about these wonderful creatures called guardian angels.

Guardian Angels do not care about denominations:

Some people think that guardian angels are attached to people of a particular religion or denomination but that is an absolute fallacy. Guardian angels work for every human on the earth irrespective of the religion you come from, be you a Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Pagan, and Buddhist, guardian angels do not care, they only care about spirituality, so irrespective of your religion, if you are spiritually guided and live a spiritual life, then be rest assured that guardian angels will work for you.

Every man is assigned to a guardian angel at birth. They also do not have a favourite spiritual tradition. Guardian angels only respect peoples’ beliefs.

Guardian Angels also have human similarity:

People see angels as abstract beings not created in the same way humans were created, they feel angels and humans do not have anything in common but that is not the truth because, angels also have hearts and souls just like humans, they also have emotions and are sensitive that is why they can show mercy and compassion to people.

They are also sensitive to the emotions of other people, when a human experiences pain or pleasure, they also experience the same, they are even more emotional than humans are but they also have their limits and can never take beyond what they can handle.

Guardian Angels are always ready to help:

This fact is not known to so many people as I said earlier, guardian angels are very emotional especially towards humans, this brings about the reason why they are always ready to help us whenever we ask for their help. All they require from you is to ask, and they will do for you. But people do not realize this fact and that is why they do not ask. They are always looking for ways to make our sojourn on earth interesting, satisfying and dynamic.

They most times do not require you to pray before they come to your aid, all you need do is ask and you will benefit from this angelic intervention. The reason for this is because they are almost always ready to honour our freewill choices unless those choices are going to be detrimental for us or others.

They chose us:

This is one of the major reasons why they are always and will always remain dedicated to us because they chose us and not the other way round. They chose to be with us and stand by us throughout our journey on the earth and they made this vow before the Almighty and other spirits as witnesses, so they cannot go back on their words and so must honour their word.

The one good thing about the love of an angel is that his love is pure and real, their ability to love that much is quite strange and yet, they never falter, maybe this is because they made a solemn promise before the Almighty.

They know us better than others:

The guardian angel has always been there by your side even before you were born, hence their ability to know us very well, they even know
you more than you know yourself because as human, you began to know yourself at a particular age but the guardian angel has known you since you were even yet to be formed in the womb of your mother. they know you so very well, I mean they know the ‘real’ you, not only your culture, physical body, and the period you work daily.

As they are close to the Almighty, they also know every experience, relationships and destinations that have been outlined for you in the world. They can see right through you and before them, your heart is very open so they can also see through your heart.

They endure the things we endure:

The guardian angel even though is not seen physically but he passes through all the pain we pass through, he feels emotions, whatever
fate we suffer in life, they are always there and they pass through those trying times with us also, this is because they are going to never abandon us, they are particularly stuck to our side, their duty post is by our side and thus, they cannot go anywhere.

When we are faced with some problems like sickness, going to jail, the court even when we feel hopeless in our life, our guardian angel is even closer to us at such trying times. They never judge us and they see us every mistake as just mistakes, they know that we, humans are imperfect, stubborn and feel we know it all but the love they have for us just supersedes all those things. Even when we do terrible things, or we are not at our best, their forgiveness is unconditional.

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We have more than one guardian angel:

Every human is not assigned to just one Guardian angel but as many as. This is because a guardian angel has a specific role to play in your life, there is a guardian angel for your protection from accidents, there is also a different guardian angel that takes your prayer requests to the Almighty.

Every guardian has his role but, unfortunately, cultures and traditions have made it look like every person has just one guardian angel. The number of guardian angels a person has depends on the number of life activities he or she is engaged in and also the goals of the soul. They can also take the forms of human beings if the protection or assistance they want to offer you is a physical one.

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