These Emotional Poems will touch your Heart

Love is the mother of all emotions that can be expressed;

and is like none other…

She’s the one that should never be suppressed.


Although my life is a miserable wreck,

Woven with misery and strife,

I must struggle to keep my emotions in check;

otherwise, I just might lose my very life.


No matter what’s happening to me,

I must never suffer myself to be angry;

nor allow myself to ever express hate,

but to accept my fate…with docile humility…

And not rant and rage like somebody crazy:

For my life could end on any given date.


With my emotions, I would love to know what to do.

Maybe, one day, you should trade places with me;

then I could know and love how to work my emotions on you:

being angry and hateful as much as I’m allowed to be.


On second thought, I love the skin that God has put me in.

I love knowing that the life I live is not a God sent sin.

I love knowing it’s okay to hate the evil way you have treated me.

I love knowing it’s okay to be angry at not being treated honorably.


When at last…all has been said and done,

and for me, justice and liberty will have been won,

then will love’s emotion be shared by each and everyone.

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