6 Ways to hold back tears

Crying is inherent to everybody as a physiological reaction that we can’t just easily control. Nevertheless, there may be reason for you to old back tears, perhaps, to hide your feeling, mostly while in public.

Though, studies show the benefit of letting out the tears freely is much more than that of holding it.

According to myshrink counseling theory;

Therefore, tears help to open our hearts.

Note that, this article is only to be used, in case the need presents itself to old back tears as explained in the first paragraph e.g. to escape being called a weak fellow when you are unable to cope with some challenges.

The following tips will bail you out:

Breathe steadily.

Normalize your state by breathing calmly and steadily. Steady breathing neutralizes the sobbing. Since tears bring about the contraction of the facial muscles and diaphragm, the rhythm of breathing changes, and that manifests itself in sobbing.

Pinch yourself.

Slightly pinch yourself to call out the pain impulse which will help you not to cry at the wrong moment. You can as well try to bite your lips or tongue.

Divert your thoughts and attentions.

You need to divert to something more interesting, or nurture something pleasant. For instance, you’ve been heart-broken. Divert from thinking about the memories you shared with your ex to more meaningful things.

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Give out a yell.

Scream out loud enough to fully release those negative emotions.

Think of something funny.

Though, it’s unlikely, but it’ll slightly help you to go over the moment. Just try to deviate and think of something amusing.

Hold your eyes open wide.

Raising your eyebrows as high as they can go will make it easier to hold back tears.

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