These Emotional Poems will touch your Heart

EMOTIONAL ILLUSION by poet Kaliko Rodrigues

I am entirely devoted to maintaining my sanity,

My body and soul is suffering from sever exhaustion.

Teenage hormones amplifies conflict severity to what its not,

I am told my life isn’t bad, others are worse, so what?

Are all my feelings just an illusion, just a misconception?

Do all my experiences amount merely to a web of lies,

One in which I am the helpless fly caught on a thread,

Continuously struggling and pulling, only to further constrict

While in actuality all I had to do was wake up from my dream.


EMOTIONAL RECIPROCITY by poet millard lowe

Anger is an acceptable and normal emotion,

but I must not be;

such an emotion is only for the free.

No matter the commotion,

I must take care not to act abnormally.

No matter what’s happening to me,

I must restrain myself and not get angry!


Hate is an acceptable and normal emotion too;

strange as that may be…

Yet, is normal for the psyche of you;

but abnormal for the mind-set given me.

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