These Emotional Poems will touch your Heart

Poetry is an artistic form of communication that can only be appreciate by few number of people. I enjoy reading poems and much at times derive joy in the writing.emotional poem

Reading of poems is a great tool of upliftment, encouragement and great source of inspiration; i advice you adapt to the reading of it if you are yet to. As i earlier said, the joy isn’t just from the reading but also from the writing, as it enables me express my emotions on paper/text.

Below are some emotional poems from famous poet i secured for your reading pleasure:

EMOTIONAL APATHY by poet Moses Samandar

Breathing like a Fox

Successions like plastic

Future like metal

Since, hence I am back.

I fly like a hawk

An extinct bald eagle.

I live the high life.

For the first time life has no boundaries.

I am no fool

I smell fear

Mine too.

However, it smells good now.


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