These Emotional Poems will touch your Heart

MEMORY’S OF ANGER by poet Bernard Barclay

Have you ever thought about

emotional memory chambers

I notice when I get angry

the memorys link to other memory’s


I never think about those thoughts

when I am happy But When I am angry

I remember everything from the past

a memory collection for anger


Emotional thought chambers

parts of the brain devoted

to collecting memory’s of the past

Chambers of anger devoted to pain


We fought and I learned

to go for a walk

sometimes I walked for miles

before the anger disappeared


How valuable where those walks

far better than staying

to continue the fight

anger is such a dangerous emotion


destroying you home

destroying your life

far better to go for a walk

allow the energy to escape


talk the talk

when anger has gone

I guess in anger we all say the truth

but it’s a truth tainted by anger


a truth thats not the same

as when we feel happy

it’s a truth that designed to hurt

the person thats hurting you

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