Why you must pledge to end Mental Health Stigma

My previous articles on mental health were fully nourished with its detailed explanations, and they all proclaim the fact that, there are no age restrictions for mental health disorders. Mental illness is common to all age groups, races, economic groups, creeds, and colors. With all sincerity, stigma has been one of the barriers inhibiting the total treatment and eradication of mental health disorders. It is now time to pledge to decrease mental health stigma.

Mental Health Stigma

Unfortunately, people who have mental health disorders have been at the receiving end of stigma for ages. Mental health stigma is described as a widespread, systemic devaluing in our society against people with mental illnesses. Mental health stigma is when you are being avoided, remarked or viewed in a negative way because you have a distinguishing characteristic or trait (negative one) of person dealing with mental health issues and being perceived you could be unstable.

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