Why you must pledge to end Mental Health Stigma

“I’ve experienced mental health problems for most of my life and was hospitalized for 10 months, so I know how it feels to deal with the stigma of mental ill-health. I’ve lost friends and have felt alienated by people who don’t understand that, despite my illness, I’m still the same person.

“I know first-hand that with the right facts and information, the stigma of mental ill-health can be reduced.” – 21 year old Lynsey Pattie, a volunteer with The Scottish Association for Mental Health.


Why the stigma?

The major reason why mental illness is being stigmatized is of its misconception. People tend to misunderstand and personally judge a person that deviates from their (people’s) idea of normal. They think all mental illnesses make one crazy. It’s high time we stop making those with mental illness feel guilty, which can often deprive them of seeking treatment.

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Why must it be reduced?

Having seen the harmful effects stigma has on people who have mental illness. Several organisations are being setup for anti-discrimination campaigns. Followings are some of the harmful effects of mental health stigma:

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