Invisible Wounds (Stunning Photos)

I wanted to visually portray this anguish for those who’ve never suffered with it, said Douglas Amorim, a Brazilian psychologist.

In his photo essay ‘Depressive Intimacy’ which was created with the assistance of photographer Lester Leomax; Amorim, turns his patients’ experience into stunning photos that draw attention to mental health and suicide issues.

Each photo bears a clear and powerful depiction of the emotional manifestation on people struggling with various mental health issues.

Depressive Intimacy 6

According to the psychologist, the photo above represents bipolar disorder.

I try to demystify the idea that psychologists are only needed in extreme cases, he said. Psychology can help people with everything. The jealous, the insecure, harsh people, even procrastinators can benefit, added Amorim, who uses social media to bring psychology to people.

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