3 Mental Health First Aid Kits you probably don’t make use of

First Aid is not only limited to cut, falling sick or to help relief certain pain; but can also be an intervention move to help people deal with mental health issues before it develops to full grown disorder.

Many often put First Aid kits readily available to their reach: in the car, wallet etc. Its strongly advised to also adopt the culture of having Mental health first aid kits in our reach, either for our trauma related stress or to assist someone who may be in the early stage of developing a mental health problem.

You can help yourself out with the following kits, and as well be able to help in crisis, prevent mental illness and raising the awareness on mental health issues.

Gratitude Diary

This journal contains writings about yourself i.e. documentations of things you are grateful for. Gratitude Diary will help you feel good and rescue you out whenever stress or the likes ushers

2 thoughts on “3 Mental Health First Aid Kits you probably don’t make use of”

  1. This is also helpful. In my understanding, PFA (psychological first aid) is usually provided after traumatic events. A disaster occurs, and victims are struck with devastation, due to the abrupt loss of their possessions, and this therefore requires PFA to curb full-blown mental illness. What is stated in this article is great for those seeking to improve their healing process.

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