Why you must pledge to end Mental Health Stigma

  • Poor self-image.
  • Reluctance to seek help or treatment.
  • Being bullied or harassed.
  • The belief that one situation can never be improved.

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  • Trouble finding place to live or work.
  • Lack of compassion from loved ones.
  • Discrimination.

Mental Health Stigma 3

Below are more of the reasons you should join the movement  for anti-discrimination campaign:
  • Encourage those with mental illness to talk openly about the disorder in a bid help others recognize mental illness and be equipped to avert harmful acts.
  • Help those with mental illness to secure the best help and treatment.
  • Reduce discrimination and hostility against people with mental health illness thereby giving us all a safer society.

 Indeed, this is a call to act in support of those with mental illness. Won’t you be proud to join the movement to stop the stigma and giving patients a chance?

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Some explanations were gotten from:
  • The Scottish Association for Mental Health
  • The Band Back Together project

Photocredit: HenryW / Telegraph

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