Shocking Visual Representation of 10 Mental Disorders



7 thoughts on “Shocking Visual Representation of 10 Mental Disorders”

  1. Hi im a guy of 34 years of age,i think i may hav a mental problem and hav been feeling like this 4many years now.i usually strangle 2 concetrate,rest,get irritated by co- workers and family,insomia,vision disterbence and always feeling dizzy is like i will colapse.n

  2. Should not the caption for insomnia read “Sufferers of this chronic sleep disorder remain awake through the night.”? Right now it’s reading “Sufferers of this chronic sleep disorder remain asleep through the night.”

  3. Borderline Perosnality disorder is more common than schizophrenia and arguable more misunderstood. I’d love to see that one, PTSD and ADD.

  4. I also have sever anxiety crippling ocd…. I have suffered hell in life.. But now im helped greatly by Sadhgurus inner engineering..i get sleep like an infant. And so manu tremendous benefits.. Short term n long term. Also teachings of Mooji also an enlighteneded master have greatly helped me to recognise how mind is false.

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