15 Ways to Manage Stress

Dealing with stress can be too tough sometimes – handling day to day tasks can overwhelm one.  Stress at office, after school, finding solution to some bugs, reasoning etc. How to manage stress.

You may lose yourselves during the heat of stress. The solution to it is to be proactive by paying proper attention to it.

Followings are just little out of the many ways to manage stress:

    • Spend time doing a hobby.

    • Go shopping.

    • Write down your worries in a journal.

  • Visit social network site.

    • Spend a few minutes focusing on your breath.

    • Play video games.

    • Drink Alcohol.

    • Do something spiritual.

    • Do a small project or craft.

    • Sleep more.

    • Flash a smile at someone.

    • Distance yourself from stressful friends.

  • Eat something.

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