The Psychology of Ebola terror.

The title sounds funny right? Yeah! It’s all about Ebola. What people fail to know, psychological beliefs, advice and words of encouragement to the universe.

Note that, this blog is only meant for psychology, so i won’t bother delving into it’s medical views. So let’s get it started.

It’s no longer news, Ebola has striken into many nations, developing and developed. It’s already a household saying in Guinea, Serria leone, Senegal, Liberia, US, Nigeria and Spain to mention but a few. Though it’s wings had been clinged in some of this nations e.g Nigeria. But others are still battling this epidemic which has affected many people psychologically and health.

It was of recently discovered in America, even the funny part of it is that other great and tiny nations are already feeling its heat. Some are even set for this visitor by stocking their home with foodstuffs and parking kids out of school, since research has proven ebola to hit many great nations before the end of the year.

Note: I wrote this article based on my research on what’s presently going on in America.

Now, let’s go the psychology behind this ebola terror.
Why ebola terror?
Psychologists who study people’s reactions to health, safety and environmental risks say fear and anxiety are normal response to an unpredictable threat. People pay more attention when a particular news is salient. The pictures and videos of its patient being shared online voluminously are enough to trigger fear and make people scare.

Since 1976, there have been dozens of outbreaks of Ebola in Africa, but the recent news is over-weighed in our thoughts. Whereas, other dreadful and deadlier diseases are left underground. Imagine, the whole World screaming out loud on Cancer just this way!

It’s nobody’s fault though, but its natural that, people tend to lay much focus on a salient thing as it it’s being aired and run on radio, tv and internet. Also, note that entertaining fear, anxiety and the likes can cause serious disease, mostly mentally.

And that is what Psychologists believe about this epidemic. So, be calm and adhere to various instructions laid down by medical personnel.

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