Why Valentine’s Day Ruins Relationships

instigator hypothesis). The flower wasn’t catchy enough, the dress was perhaps not sexy enough, they plans made weren’t romantic enough e.t.c.

The second reason was also referred to as the catalyst hypothesis, which explains that relationship that is already in trouble could be affected. That is, valentine’s day could magnify existing relationship issues. Valentine pressures are likely to resurface the existing problems in weak relationships which can result to breakups. Valentine’s day could be the day in which couples of weak relationship tend to remember their flaws, and the lack of an exciting holiday could be the final blow.

However, the results of the study clearly indicated that those in weak relationships were highly likely to break up during weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day compared to other months. That is, couples were 2.55 times more likely to break up during Valentine’s Day compared to other months.

Though, the study affirmed that, quality of relationship determines the results to be gotten around Valentine’s Day.

So, you need not to worry. From all indications, it seems the valentine’s day has bunch of favors for those in strong relationship. But, If yours is week, you can as well make this valentine’s day a remarkable one with a great decision. Do have a happy valentine’s day, and kindly subscribe to my updates.

Morse, K. A., & Neuberg, S. L. (2004). How do holidays influence relationship processes and outcomes? Examining the instigating and catalytic effects of Valentine’s Day. Personal Relationships, 11, 509-527.

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