How Social Media Makes Us Narcissistic [Infographic]

Social media has become part of our routine; in a bid to remain in the spotlight, some of us chose to put our lives on display on Facebook and Twitter. Earlier studies had it that, taking selfies can lead to mental health conditions that focus on our growing obsession with physical appearance.

selfies frequently trigger perceptions of self-indulgence or attention-seeking social dependence that raises the damned-if-you-do and damned-if-you-don’t spectre of either narcissism or very low self-esteem,” explains Pamela Rutledge

Snapping pictures to get enough likes makes us to judge our worth by the opinions of others, which could lead to narcissism or depression.

The infographic below, developed by NowSourcing explains better the Selfie syndrome, and how social media is making society more narcissistic.


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