4 Things A Narcissistic Person Doesn’t Do

Prior to this piece, numerous signs of narcissistic personality disorder have been discussed on this blog, comprising those of mothers and the general ones. Having gotten handy clues about the various traits of Narcissists, it is of utmost importance to as well clear the air off some misconceptions about Narcissism.

From a Psychological perspective, it has been confirmed that a narcissistic person tend to be egotistic, lacks empathy, manipulates and possesses much more clues as written in previous posts.

Being manipulative, to quickly spot a narcissistic person requires much understanding, lest you fall for them while targeting only what they do. Take your time to as well check below what a narcissistic person doesn’t do for a full and comprehensive understanding.

Doesn’t Stick around

If you are in a relationship with a narcissistic person, don’t just attempt to bore them in anyway. Narcissists will leave and never stick around since all they crave for is attention.

Doesn’t want you feel secured

A narcissistic person feels secured only when you are insecure. So, never expect narcissists wanting to make you feel safe in a relationship, they believe your insecurity guarantees them some sense of being the better person in any relationship.

Doesn’t give Compliment

A narcissistic person will never congratulate you for a job well done, or to make you feel good in your achievements. Since, they claim to always be the reason for celebration.

Doesn’t work without benefit

A narcissistic person is not the type that gives without a purpose. They probably would ask you favors in return after giving you anything.

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