Different Faces of Depression

Depression 2

Depression sucks; it sucks the life out of you leaving your body to auto pilot through the days. A good support system is what is getting me through it. – Gopi Raghu

2 thoughts on “Different Faces of Depression”

  1. John Richard Jones

    I have a form of PTSD which was mostly down to trauma and abuse (mostly emotional) due to being gifted and brain damaged. I didn’t get the support I needed for my illness nor was I protected for being gifted , so as it happened during my years of development I now have Decelopmental Trauma Disorder which is a form of PTSD. None of the specialists properly understood what I was going through and I guess it is the same for depression and many other mental illnesses.
    I have had to be my own counsellor and teach myself what I saw going on in order to learn how to progress and get around the corrupt nature of some people.
    I find people who are seen as “normal” without any health problems as the biggest cause of many problems within society because of their self-opinionated attitudes and feelings of self-entitlement over others.

    1. You are right. And this is the reason why the campaign against ‘mental health stigma’ needs to be intensified. Those who the society projects as normal abuse emotionally, and are not helping matter at all.

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