6 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Keep Positive Friends

The Notre Dame researchers in a 2013 study advised:

“Avoid perpetually negative people when you can, or at least be aware of what habits might be rubbing off on you”

They indicated that rumination is an habit that can easily be mirrored by others; and that it’s easier for friends to pick up rumination-like behaviors from their colleagues. So, when you are lost in negative thinking, talk to those who won’t worsen your predicament.

List Things you are grateful for

Just like diverting your thoughts. It’s really good to appreciate who you are, where you are and what your have. Take a pen, put them down; or think about them each time negative thoughts set in.

Read Positive Psychology quotes

You can read from those i shared on my previous post on 15 JK Rowling Quotes to read when you are down.

Reframe your Thoughts

“My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which have never happened.” – Mark Twain

To reframe simply means, replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones. You only have to recognize the thought and confront it with something positive ones.

For an instance, you were disappointed by a friend who promised to help you secure a job, don’t just waste another moment to know who’s behind that; or to think about what you just missed and what actually is wrong with your life.

“I’ve Been Rejected! I’m Worthless!”

No! Never think of that. It’s just another opportunity to do something greater and more beneficial. Distract the thoughts that are about to form by finding something worth-doing at the very moment of getting the message.

Throw them away Physically

How possible? Isn’t this crazy? It works perfectly. Just put those negative thoughts on a piece of paper and dump it in a trash. You can as well do it electronically: enter them in a notepad (or a text app) and send them into the recycle bin.

Richard Petty, PhD; a Psychology professor who co-authored a 2012 Ohio State University study says “People who wrote down negative things about their bodies and then threw them away had a more positive self image a few minutes later, compared to those who kept the papers with them. “

Do Yoga

Yoga helps bring attention to your breadth and ease your mind while offloading loads of thoughts.

Know more about its Mental and Psychological Benefits

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