4 Ways Music Affects the Mind

Music has lots of effects on the mind. Despite having a quick belief in it as an antidote to several unpleasant situations, music still works in so many ways we can’t easily explain – Ways Music Affects the Mind Music works in magical ways; it captures both our thoughts and emotions. Those of us that are lover of…

3 Insane Corporal Punishments In Ancient Times

With the professed purpose of modifying behavior, corporal punishment has had widespread acceptance; especially by the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians. The following practices were promoted in the ancient times, and some were also brought to the new world. Watch video, or continue reading. 3 Insane Corporal Punishments In Ancient Times Tweet this Scold’s Bridle. Sometimes…


4 Personality Traits More Prone To Depression

Understanding the association between personality and depression helps in determining the causes of depression, identifying at-risk individuals, and designing best treatment approach for individuals. For depression treatment, getting to know the personality types is a good measure to know those who are more vulnerable to depression, as well as in rolling out the best depression therapy….

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