Identifying A Sexual Predator

Sexual abuse in children leads to several long-term effects (psychologically and physically.)

Studies confirm up to 12% to 25% of girls and 8% to 10% of boys under the age of 18 experience some form of sexual abuse. Not to talk of daily reports of sexual assaults among adults, emanating from offices, schools, parties etc.

Great number of sex offenders are being arrested yearly, termed ‘Sexual Predators‘ as a result of their violent nature and uncontrollable thirst for prey.

How then can one escape being nested by sexual predators?

Can you spot him/her before you are harmed?

Studies make identification of sexual predators, commonly referred to as child molesters or pedophile so easy. All you have to do is to understand their common traits and behaviors.

Below are some of the researched characteristics, common profiles and patterns of behavior of every sexual predator: – sexual predator characteristics:

Refers to Females as Objects

Sexual Predators always have an idealistic view of girls by referring to them as objects of possession. In another words, they tend to use adjectives like clean, pure etc. According to Kenneth V. Lanning, a behavioral scientist; comments by pedophiles may include:

This kid has low mileage” and “I’ve been working on this project for six months.”

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Finds out your Vulnerability

This works on adults.

Sexual predators finds out your vulnerabilities while making you emotionally dependent on them, and in turn use the discoveries against you.

Via deception, they make you confess your fears and weak points as if they care. They then victimize you after building some level of trust.

As indicated in a study conducted by the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety in West Virginia: 88.5 percent of all studied sex offenders knew their victims prior to assaulting them.

Shows seductive Material to Children

Common to all pedophiles.

With the sole aim of lowering inhibitions, sexual predators always show sexually explicit materials such as pornographic magazines to their prey.

Blame others for their Behavior

Sexual predator always shift responsibility for his/her actions away to other persons or things even on the victims. In addition, predators often blame the acts upon drugs and alcohol.

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