5 Popular Women You’d Never Guess Were Introverts

Though our world is dominated by extroverts, there remain some introverts that were never left out of greatness. While extroverts tend to derive power from social situations, introverts typically gain theirs from solitary places.

The Harvard Business Review reports, that introverts often make good leaders as extroverts i.e. “Introverted leaders tend to listen more carefully and show greater receptivity to suggestions.”

Against the myths, that those seen famous today are all extroverts; some introverts are really doing great despite the shyness.

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Below are 5 of the famous women you never knew were introverts:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

In an interview, Watson said she’s a kind of an introverted person just by nature, not like a conscious choice.

“Coming to realize that about myself was very empowering, because I had felt like ‘Oh my god, there must be something wrong with me.'” Watson said.

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