Why Do Women Cover their Faces during Marriage Proposal?

Proper time was taken by me to watch some marriage proposal clips from my video collections, and even on youtube as researched by the psychologist who carried out this study. It was amazing thing to note that all women cover their faces during marriage proposal. Indeed, it seems no woman could withstand this joyful moment.

It’s awesome to see all women reacting same way i.e. women cover their faces with palms after receiving marriage proposal.

According to Psychologist David Rose who helped shed light on the issue; Women’s faces tell people what they’re feeling, and at the moment of a proposal, the emotions are so intense that not to cover face would feel like being naked in public.

Rose called this act of covering face “shielding.” Because the emotions are just too intense to be revealed.

“It’s as though the woman is thinking, ‘Oh, my god, this is going deep into my soul, what am I showing here? When I see the very few who don’t do it, I wonder, what does this mean? Are they unusually non-emotional? Does it mean they don’t care about this guy? I don’t know.” He said.

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Just in accordance with Rose, I believe the face is an emotional radiator, a communication system that tells others what you’re thinking. So, do you buy the idea that women’s feelings are just to much to be left uncovered with hands?

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