Why choosing a mate based on DNA may not be the best

How can you make your relationship turn out differently?

The purpose, or the role you choose to live your life by will, to a large extent, determine your success and your happiness. For a few minutes, consider managing your life with a completely different purpose than you are now holding. What would your life be like if you chose to make your purpose in life to empower myself first and then to empower the ones I love and care about?

Yes, I am suggesting changing your long held and culturally accepted purpose from, “To nurture and care for my mate and my children,” to, “To empower myself first and then to empower the ones I love and care about?”.  Unless you are willing to take care of yourself first, you’re not going to be much good for those you love.

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This new purpose would continue through the rest of your life, even after the children have left the nest or your husband has died.  You can always be empowering yourself and others.

Men, what is your purpose?  What do you bring to the relationship?  What do you have to offer that would make a woman look at you twice?  True, you did not choose your DNA.  When it comes to communication skills, problem solving skills, the willingness to learn the names of your feelings and be willing to share those feelings, the creation of these are all within you power.   You are also the one who can choose to get an education and learn the skills to find a job that you enjoy and become financially secure.  May I suggest, that the purpose of a man is to empower himself first and then empower the ones he loves and cares about.

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