What Psychologists Think of Kanye West’s Twitter Rants

much into someone’s public utterings. While explaining to Medical Daily, Kathleen used Carrie Fisher as an example:

“Take Carrie Fisher, for example — an actress who has received a bipolar diagnosis in the past and is open to talking about it. Her recent emoji-filled tweets might be interpreted by one person as mania, when it’s likely that she’s just being silly and engaging her ‘Star Wars’ fans.”

“I think it can be very tempting for people to make assumptions about someone’s mental health based on their social media presence. But the reality is that unless you’re standing in front of them and observing and asking good questions, then it’s really just a shot in the dark,” Kathleen said.

Dr. Jean Twenge, professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and author of The Narcissism Epidemic  told Medical Daily that many of Kanye’s tweets are classic examples of the characteristics of Narcissistic people.

Twenge said that defines grandiosity.

That explains entitlement, expecting others to provide for one’s needs.

Geoff also talk about Kanye’s insecurity, which is an important sign of narcissistic personality disorder.

“The classic insecurity of the narcissist. I don’t know why he didn’t get into Central Saint Martins – he may have not been as good as other people – but what he seems to be hoping for here is for his followers to go, ‘Of course you’re a designer! Because many people who went there aren’t nearly as successful as you as a designer,’ said Geoff.

“So, this is a slight admission of insecurity, which has to be covered up immediately by simultaneously pushing for more compliments.”

Geoff said Kanye claims to be philosopher, a sign of self-constructed identity.

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