Viral Photos That Fooled The World

The Syrian Orphan.


The above staged shot from a conceptual art project went viral – misleading people into believing it showed a child whose family had been killed during the conflict in Syria.

The picture was not taken in Syria, and that the piles of stones were just made to look like grave.

The art project by Abdel Aziz Al-Atibi, a 24-year-old Saudi Arabian photographer was meant to show how a child’s love for his parents is eternal. To also help talk about the suffering that is happening in society.


Some kids might feel that their dead parents’ bodies are more affectionate to them than the people they’re living with, Al-Otaibi told beirut.

Look, it’s not true at all that my picture has anything to do with Syria. I am really shocked how people have twisted my picture, added Al-Otaibi, who debunked the fake news.

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