Viral Photos That Fooled The World

This article contains some mysterious photos with carefully kept secrets and fake ones that went viral in recent times to fool millions of people around the world.

The “tree that ate a bicycle.”


Earlier reports say nature starts to consume this bicycle after its owner abandoned it against the tree when he went for war in late 1940’s, and later died a hero. This scene can be found on Vashon Island, in Puget Sound, Washington State.

But findings have since shown that the bicycle belonged to Don Puz (he never went to war), who in 1954 left his bicycle in the woods, and forgot about it.

We went down there in the woods, and there was this bike in the tree, and I said, ‘That’s my bike,'” recalls Don, after the bike was discovered, making headlines.

I recognized it immediately. When I saw that bike, I recognized it, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen another one like it.

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