Thinking of God Makes People Bigger Risk-Takers

Those raised from a culture that see God as a protective force are always found of exploring and usually risk-takers. Thus, reminding this set of people about God before any action is okay enough to put all their interest in the act. Not minding how dangerous the task may be. But, what makes them do so? Are they all that special?

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New research suggests that reminders of God can make people to take risk with the belief that God protective power will never fail them, not minding the negative outcome that might surface.

“The fact that reminders of God are so ubiquitous suggests that this effect may impact a large number of people.” said Daniella Kupor of Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

The research was made known in the journal Psychological Science.

Against previous studies that earlier saw participation in religious activities as the reason for the decline in people’s engagement in risky behaviors, Kupor and her colleagues then decided to test their hypothesis in a series of experiments, having nurtured the thought of people viewing God as their source of protection.

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