The Effects of Depression on the Body

In addition to its effects on mental health, depression also poses a great risk to one’s physical health and well-being. It comes with numerous symptoms which can be easily dismissed such as guilt, sadness and grief; but expands its tentacles to sufferers’ entire body systems if left untreated.

Depression on the Body
Photo: Healthline.

Untreated depression has been shown to be of great danger to the body as much as of the mind. It could degenerate to the immune system, influence the risk of developing diabetes and many more.

Cardiovascular System.

Depression causes the heart to work harder with the increase in blood pressure. American College of Cardiology confirms that depression forces the release of stress hormones (endogenous catecholamines), which is responsible for vasoconstriction, increased heart rate, pain, heart attack and stroke. The symptoms of this include loss of appetite and sleeplessness.

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Depression Not just a Mental Disorder, Study says.

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Digestive System.

To help deal with their depression, some people pick on binging and overeating which can lead to deadlier issues such as eating problems and weight-related illnesses.

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