How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Lying

Nice Guys sometimes are unlucky. Are you among? As Girls fall for Bad Boys, so do Guys fall for Bad Girls. If you among those Guys that are restless and not sure if your female friend is to be trusted, read the short tips below:

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  • Look for inconsistencies in her rate of speech. Foremost, she may slow her rate of speech to think of a lie, and suddenly apply to her speed when she thinks you may notice notice her slow rate of talking.


  • She often reply you with just few words. For instance, when asked where she was. Somewhere down… If asked again, she may repeat your question or pause before answering.
  • She covers her throat because she feels threatened by your look and scared to let out the lie.
  • She may also be reacting in a nervous way while standing akimbo.
  • According Psychology professor Edward Geiselman: A girl who is lying will tend to “self-groom” while speaking. Like, playing with her hair or pick at her fingernails.

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  • She tries to wrap herself to anything beside her. i.e. her hand to pole or leg to chair.
  • She stares at you but her mind roaming about for another lie to tell.
  • She always ask you to repeat your question.
  • She may keep her hands in abnormal position while talking i.e. hanging it in the air or folding them backward.

3 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Lying”

  1. I admit that I had a woman who practically at every step lied to me, I caught it even on the simplest matters which also lied to me.
    He entered the dating sites and searched for another guy, and did fool me, I ended the relationship after four months.
    For fifteen months I have Women, partner and all in all I’m happy with it because they do not have to worry about whether or not I am sometimes deceived again.

    1. Sorry for such an ordeal in your relationship.. It’s certain, being in relationship isn’t just that easy… We have to expect cheats and betrays as you mentioned

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