Study reveals What Narcissists do on your Selfies

A deep-seated sense of inadequacy resides in narcissists, making them to constantly seek for attention and confirmations from others. In other words, they are always eager to respond to other people’s comments on their looks (selfies). Though characterized with elevated love for oneself, study reveals narcissism is associated with examining other people’s look and the feedback they’ve got.

Researchers found that narcissists show interest in other people’s selfies posted on social networking websites like facebook. But, they don’t appear to either ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on them.

A survey was carried out by Jung-Ah Lee, BS, and Yongjun Sung, PhD., of Korea University in Seoul on 315 social network users who had ever posted their own selfies on websites such as Facebook, twitter and KakaoStory. 

The authors detailed their observations as seen below:

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The Narcissism Checklist

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An interesting finding is that narcissism was not associated with the act of providing a comment or ‘like’ on other people’s selfies, suggesting that individuals higher in narcissism observe other people’s selfies to a greater extent, but do not necessarily comment on or ‘like’ them. Individuals higher in narcissism are not apathetic toward other people’s social media content and actually are more likely to keep an eye on what others are posting as a means of comparative self-enhancement strategy. Nevertheless, they do not engage in social interaction with or provide direct feedback to other people.”

Lee Jung-Ah and Sung Yongjun: Hide-and-Seek: Narcissism and “Selfie”-Related Behavior. – doi:10.1089/cyber.2015.0486.

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