Why Stubborn Kids Are Likely to Be Successful

New study says you no longer have to hate yourself for the challenging moments you spend with your stubborn kids; stubbornness is a good predictor of a child’s future success in life.

Researchers are feeding us a new perspective that, each time your commands like getting your kids to do homework, chores or convincing them to do better is met with a resistance; you should take heart and embrace it, but know that your stubborn kid is going to get rich and grow into particularly successful adult.

As published in the journal Developmental Psychology, the study followed 700 kids from around age 9 for decades i.e. to 40. Each participant’s personality was examined before the commencement of the study; traits like studiousness, sense of entitlement, tendency to break rules and defiance to parents. At the end , researchers were able to uncover which of the traits mostly correlated with professional success later on.

In the end, Jillian Rose Lim reports on the blog ‘Fatherly,’ that the kids who ignored both rules and their parents earned the highest salaries.

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Such children might be more competitive in the classroom, leading to better grades. They might be more demanding as adults; when locked in salary negotiations, they may be the ones who demand more. They may be more willing to fight for their own financial interests, even at the risk of annoying friends and colleagues, Time wrote.

  • Spengler M, Brunner M: Student characteristics and behaviors at age 12 predict occupational successDev Psychol. 2015 Sep;51(9):1329-40.  Epub 2015 Jul 6.

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