Top 6 Scary Mental Disorders You Haven’t Heard About

Our thoughts are only glued to the commonly discussed mental disorders: schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder etc, there exist some rare mental disorders often not discussed but torment us day-in day-out.

This list contain some bizarre and weird mental disorders that are not spoken about due to how rare they are.

Stendhal Syndrome

It’s common to feel completely overwhelmed in an emotionally powerful tourist center, but what isn’t normal is rapid heartbeat, dizziness, hallucinating and fainting as result of being shocked by beauty. Experts say this psychosomatic illness can occur when an individuals is exposed to a large amount of beautiful art in a short space of time.

A notable example of this, is Jerusalem syndrome: a phenomenon being experienced by some of the people visiting the holy land, almost making a mental healthy person psychotic. Some lose control on sighting the beauty and the famous work of art and thereby proclaiming themselves as the Messiah.

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Characterized as one of the impulse control disorders. Autophagia is a condition of eating part of oneself i.e. biting and chewing impulsively. An example is biting one’s nail.

Alien Hand Syndrome

When your arm lives as a separate entity, does what it wants, have mind of its own; then you are not far from the real-life nightmare “Alien Hand Syndrome.”

“I would make a telephone call and this hand would hang up the phone…I would light a cig.. and this one would put it out. I would be drinking coffee and this hand would dump it,” said Karen Byrne, a commentator on mental conditions.

Alien Hand Syndrome is a traumatic situation that occurs when an arm does whatever pleases it without the cognitive control of the person to whom it belongs, a result of the conflict between the left and right parts of the brain.

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  1. There are many disorders that are linked to brain. Many of them are still unknown to the public’s. Being a TMS therapist I think no disorder is scary because almost all of them are curable. Even these six disorders have cures as well. Problem with people is, the loved ones and the patients usually do not take their mentality seriously such as depression and any other pressure to brain. That can harm the mentality. Therefore, I would say that never be uncaring about your most important part of the body.

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