What Your Sleeping Style Mean


Sleeping position indicates a silent body language.

Note: In any style you position yourself on bed, there is always a thing that triggered this action, and it reveals much about you and your relationship as stated by experts.

Dr Mark Kohler of the University of South Australia’s Center for Sleep Research said:

Just like our waking posture and position can influence our emotions – for example, if you are leaning forward and clenching your fists, you are most likely to feel angry – our sleeping position is thought to influence our emotions or represent our personality.

Psychological facts about Sleeping Style

  • Sleeping while putting pillow over the belly or any part of the body indicates a sexual timidity, usually brought on by some sexual dysfunction such as not being able to fulfill sexy desire while in need of it.
  • Sleeping on your belly will let you gain control. This is done to prevent oneself from moving other sides.
  • Sleeping on our back shows confidence and mental well-being.
  • Sleeping on your right side: This has been found to be much healthier, since it allows the proper alignment of the organs inside the body.
  • Sleeping while covering your face: This sleeping style is an indication of some personality traits. Such as fearfulness. Sleeping with sheet covering the face indicates lack of courage.

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