Sitting or Standing: Which Helps People Think Better?

A study was conducted on students by a league of researchers to check if people really think better on their feet. Results show some benefits that students with ‘standing desk’ got over their seated counterparts.

Researchers claim that students that stand rather than siting while learning invest an extra 7 minutes of attention in hour to their studies.

“Standing workstations reduce disruptive behavior problems and increase students’ attention or academic behavioral engagement by providing students with a different method for completing academic tasks (like standing) that breaks up the monotony of seated work, says Dr Mark Benden, an associate professor at the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health.

Considerable research indicates that academic behavioral engagement is the most important contributor to student achievement.

Simply put, we think better on our feet than in our seat.”

The study was conducted in an academic year, on 282 children who were between 7 and 10-years-old. Some were allocated standing desks (originally meant for combating obesity), while others were opportune to be on regular desk.

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The Best Learning Method not being used by Students or Teachers.

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The students’ engagement was studied, and researchers noted that those using the standing desk were more likely to raise their hands, pay more attention, avoid talking out of turn, and participate in classroom discussion.

Source/Further reading:
Jamilia J. Blakea, Mark Bendena: The effect of stand-biased desks on academic engagement – International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, 2015

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