Short Man Syndrome : Why Small Man Feels Insecure

The Napoleon Complex (Short Man Syndrome) controversy has raged for years.

Short Man Syndrome often called small man syndrome is simply a condition in which a person, especially those who derive confidence in physicality, deal with a feeling of inadequacy which can result from being short of stature – lack of height.

According to Duncan Thomson, Kapiti Coast-based psychologist, everything shows that size matters, just because we live in a competitive society. Much like attractiveness, tallness in men is held in high regard by society.

The Truth About Short Man Syndrome

Defining further, small man syndrome is a form of inferiority complex in which the person with an underlying sense of physical vulnerability attempts to overcompensate for their perceived shortcoming. One with short man syndrome acts aggressively when felt threatened.

Studies also have it that short men are always jealous if their partners are talking to a tall man at parties.

A research made it known that men under 5ft 5 inches are less likely to lose their temper than taller men. And that they easily became more paranoid, distrustful and scared of others.

In addition, Short men are more likely to think other people were starring at them or talking about them.

In a study conducted on short man syndrome and relationships, 119 male were questioned to know how they would react if they were at a party – and their girlfriend seeing flirting with strangers. Surprisingly, the short ones were the most jealous.

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The society’s obsession with height encourages smaller male with short man syndrome to pick aggression as the only means of being compensated for their deficiency in height. They shout, talk loudly just to seek attention as in the case of smaller dogs – insult not intended.

Also away but of same manner is the case in politics or groups. Smaller ones tend to develop louder actions as means of making themselves to be noticed by the bigger ones.

Thus, short men make louder behavior a necessity for getting attention. And if this becomes positive even for once, they are then conditioned to behave such way.

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How real is ‘Short Man Syndrome? Do you agree to the points and short man syndrome symptoms listed in this article? Let’s have your opinions in the comment section.

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