Regina woman develops smile app at MIT

A lady from Regina, who is currently in graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass, is working to make people happier one mechanism focus during a time.

Natasha Jaques is from Regina and is operative on building a Smile App during MIT in Cambridge, Mass. (Tiffany Cassidy/CBC)
Natasha Jaques is from Regina and is operative on building a Smile App during MIT in Cambridge, Mass. (Tiffany Cassidy/CBC)Natasha Jaques and another student during MIT have created a computer app called Smile Tracker.

The app runs in a credentials of a person’s mechanism and detects whenever someone smiles. It then snaps a photo of the person and a screenshot of what made the person grin, either it was a accessible email or a humorous cat video.

“There’s a lot of investigate on certain psychology and one practice that has been proven to indeed wand off basin is to deliberately, during a finish of a day, simulate on things that went good during your day – what done we happy,” stated Jaques.

“So what we’re hoping is to make it a small easier by automatically collecting those moments,” Jaques said.

The project is part of the Wellness Initiative, a extend awarded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to raise projects that are assistance to improved people’s lives, physically socially and emotionally.

The app is still a prototype though Jaques continues to rise it as she works on other projects.

Google Glass Project Recognizes Emotions

She will also be working on a plan that uses Google Glass to commend romantic and conversational signals to assistance people on a autism spectrum or people with social anxiety.

“While it’s easy for us to tell if someone is, say, wearied when we’re articulate to them, it competence not be so easy for some individuals,” pronounced Jaques.

“What I’d like to do is make a apparatus that can automatically detect that regulating mechanism prophesy and appurtenance training and afterwards when we are wearing Google Glass, it only overlays this small summary on tip of your eye: ‘Oh indeed this chairman competence be losing interest. Maybe it’s time to hang up,’” Jaques added.

Jaques calls it a “social review prosthetic.”

In a future, she would like to enhance over facial expressions to have inclination that can appreciate physique language.

Jaques concludes that: “This is something humans do automatically during a turn arrange of next unwavering awareness, so we unequivocally can’t explain how we do it. So I’m arrange of meddlesome in how this routine takes place.”

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