How To Raise A Genius Child

How to raise genius child

Childhood is the time when the most of intellectual development happens – and, the development of the brain is very rapid at this time. In this article, we shall focus on parenting to help improve your child’s IQ – how to raise a genius child i.e. raising genius children who will in turn, grow into brilliant adults.

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With findings from child psychologists and researchers – since childhood is the period when the brain develops most rapidly. What should be critical and taken seriously at this stage is the intellectual development of your kid i.e. how to raise your kid to be a genius.

What defines happiness and success in a child is the development of their intellect. Thus, the need to share with you some suggestions backed by science to help raise your child to be a genius.

How do I raise my kid to be the cleverest kid around? What do I do to raise a genius? Is there a way to make my kid even more creative? Science suggests there is.

Followings are some of the researched ways you can boost your child’s intelligence as early as possible:

Give your child a growth mindset.

Project failure to your child as an opportunity for growth, rather than losing faith in himself.

According to psychiatrist Joe Brewster, parents who want genius children should encourage kids to see learning as the process of becoming better at something – so, when they fail at learning, they remind themselves the need to try more, to be better.

Critical thinking.

Critical thinking is what leads to the next breakthroughs in any area. So, parents are advised to not simply give children information, but allow them to think about that information themselves.

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In an interview with the U.S. National Public Radio, Roberta Golinkoff from the University of Delaware, who co-authored the parenting book ‘Becoming Brilliant: What Science Tells Us About Raising Successful Children’ with Hirsh-Pasek, a professor at Temple University and a distinguished developmental psychologist, said:

So, if you’re going to have a kid who engages in critical thinking, you’re not going to shut them down when they ask a question.

You’re not going to settle for “because.” You’re going to encourage them to ask more. And you want them to understand how other people think.”

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Improve Kid’s EQ.

EQ is the ability to know how to distinguish healthy from unhealthy emotions and how to turn negative emotions into positive ones.

Emotionally mature people have high EQ – Thus, raising a genius child simply means raising a kid with high IQ. Because, emotionally healthy children are generally better learners, they easily build relationship with others, having confidence, and are better at resolving conflict.

So, to raise a genius kid, we must improve the kid’s EQ.

We can improve our children’s EQ by bonding and building good relationships with our children, Dr. Alex Tang, a paediatrician, says. Breast-feeding is good for bonding between mother and baby.”

Other ways to improve kids’ EQ include role modeling, helping them develop good social skills by allowing them to mix with other children, and acceptance for who he or she is.

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Prioritize your child’s creativity.

You can raise genius kids by nurturing your kids creativity i.e you expose them to literature, music and the arts, and by making available necessary tools.

Being creative and taking on any other activity that requires problem solving, are all mentally beneficial to the kid.

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