Poverty Mentality Syndrome: Why the Poor get Poorer.

Poverty Mentality – A way of thinking that creates more rooms for poverty; when one focuses on lack rather than abundance. How the rich people escape the poverty line all boil down to their perception of life, attitude and beliefs.

What do you spend your time on? Wailing for what you don’t have or appreciating the little you have? Do you often nurture the following thoughts: “I can’t afford this…” and “I’ll never have enough money to secure that…” Holding on the belief “is not going to be enough” may be the reason your life isn’t moving forward as you wish.

In her piece, Te-Erika Patterson noted some symptoms of a poverty mentality; which includes eagerness to receive assistance, fantasies especially about winning lottery, and covetousness.

Imagine, one man mourns for years just for the loss of $10 but fails to channel his attention to other things which would have earned him thousands of dollars.

Studies say that one with poverty mentality always detests the rich people; probably jealous of what they have while he don’t. But fails to think for a moment how the rich acquire their wealth.

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Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker once stated that, focusing on what isn’t in one’s life rather than what’s present can lead to further poverty. Fear based decisions and constant talking about the lack of money can bring about unhappiness, shares Nancy Latham of empowernetwork.

How can one get over this?

You can escape poverty mentality syndrome by being positive and letting your existence depend on what you have. You can develop the idea of being positive and believing in yourself, as well as focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Thus, you escape the mindset of poverty mentality.

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