Photos Show Where Verbal Abuse Leaves Physical Scars

Verbal abuse is deeply affecting the soul, just as physical abuse affects the body. Behind every verbal abuse is always the desire to instill fear in the victims, leaving them in a persistent state of hyper-awareness, as they watch out for signs of imminent abuse.

According to Speaker and Therapist, Dr. Margaret Paul, PhD.:

Verbal abuse is also emotionally abusive, but emotional abuse may not look verbally abusive. Often emotional abuse is more subtle and covert than overt verbal abuse.

Would verbal abuse be taken seriously if it leaves scars on the victims just as physical abuse? To create awareness for the need to recognize and prevent verbal abuse, photographer Richard Johnson launched a photo project “Weapon of Choice,” which had some hateful words embedded on photo subjects.

Warning: Photos contain violent words.

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Verbal Abuse 4

Verbal abuse includes bullying, being argumentative and judgmental, demanding, defaming, harassing, lying, accusing, name calling, discounting, yelling and many more.

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