Phantom Vibration Syndrome – The Hallucination and Effects

When you feels like you are having an incoming call, text message or alarm; but it’s actually just a hallucination. Ever felt like your phone is vibrating in your pocket, you fetched for it, but noticed that you’ve been experiencing a hallucination as nothing seem to happen?

Several studies carried out affirm that 90% of people with mobile phones say hallucination has happened to them.

According to Dr Robert Rosenberg, who conducted a new study on the modern phenomenon: hallucination is real and easily produced. As published in the journal Computers In Human Behavior.

“[The] phone sifts around in your pocket, “I’m getting a call.”

Your pant leg rustles, “I’m getting a text.”

You have a muscle spasm in your leg, “I’m getting another call again.”

But the whole time, just a phantom vibration.”

Dr Rosenberg added that the hallucination could be down to a kind of bodily habit:

“Think about wearing a pair of glasses.

If you’re accustomed to your glasses and they almost become a part of you, you can forget that you’re even wearing them sometimes.

The phone in your pocket is like this.

Through bodily habit, your phone actually becomes a part of you and you become trained to perceive the phone’s vibrations as an incoming call or text.

So, due to these kinds of habits, it becomes really easy to misperceive other similar sensations.”

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There is no need to panic about the bad habit forming, but Dr Rosenberg suggests its effects could be reduced by moving the phone around to different pockets.

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