People Judge Your Personality Based On These 4 Things

Searching for certain qualities is what you do when you meet someone for the first time. You could be on a course to do business, or having a romantic relationship with your new friend. Thus, paying attention to certain traits or ways of life will help you in deciding the personality type of the individual.

“Gosh! She easily detects all my motives.” That means, she’s good at evaluating people’s personality via some of these things:

Your Eyes.

Studies conducted on eye color show that people with blue eyes are less agreeable when compared with those with darker ones. Your eyes tell if you are dependable or deceitful, bold or can be bought i.e. you have a weak will if you can’t look steadily.

Your clothing color choices.

The color you frequently turn on for clothes also tells who you are. According to an article on Psychology Today, people who ch0se white are always logical and organised, while those who go for black are sensitive, aren’t introverts; but careful with their secrets.

Those always on purple are said to be respectful, though exhibit arrogance at times. Author also added that, those who go in blues are reliable, and always think of others.

Nail Biting.

Study says this body-focused repetitive behavior is one of the symptoms of anxiety i.e. one of the ways people react to situations.

It is confirmed that those often seen biting nails are always nervous, thus, it indicates their personality.

Your Handwriting

The way you write and the size can also be used in judging your personality. A study conducted by National Pen Company revealed that shy people are always found amidst those with small handwriting, while those who are after attention always write in larger handwriting.

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Another says those who take situations seriously always put more pressure on pen while writing.

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